The ugly truth about why you can't hire developers revealed 🔥

Hello everyone, 

Today we start the conversation about the ugly truth behind why you can’t hire developers.

I have news for you. 

When your car engine is broken, your car is broken. 

It’s the same with hiring developers. The inability to recruit properly, breaks your company's ability to operate and move forward. 

I’m Yanny Hristova, Founder at Remote IT World. We’re the go-to recruitment agency for hiring developers and blockchain professionals worldwide. 

In today’s video, you are going to learn the mistakes you do that prevent you from scaling your team. Observe and notice if you already do some of them in your current hiring process. 

Even if this is the case, Don't panic. 

We’ve prepared exclusively for You the best industry practice in 2021 for hiring developers in less than 3 weeks. 

+ plus extra tips for hiring remote too. 

Stay with us. 

Mistake № 1 You don’t know what you are looking for! 

Your job specs include 10+ must have requirements. 

Candidates struggle to understand what do you expect them to actually do. 

You struggle too, because you can’t find the :right: person. 

I bet it takes you months if not years with this long list to recruit. 

Btw 💡A 2021 tech hiring insight here. We observe on the market an increased demand for more specialized professionals. FE and BE engineers are the preferred as opposed to Full stack developers. 

Mistake № 2 You don't know how much you are willing to pay for it! 

Hiring managers sometimes sound a bit hesitant to say what’s the budget planned for the vacancy. 

This can mean two things. 

  • Either they don't know how the company remunerations level benchmark among their competitors or 
  • They don't find it easy to evaluate the value this job brings to the company.

Maybe it can mean more things. But the point is: 

Have a range before you start. 

Mistake № 3 You don't know how to evaluate the core needed skills and competencies! 

It directly correlates with the  first mistake above. When you don't know what skills and competencies you really need, you get lost in pursuing lengthy, overwhelming and complicated assignments whose success rate is close to zero. 

Say “NO” to over engineering the take home tasks

It’s not needed. Respect the time of the candidates on the other side and focus on efficiency instead. 

A Viral Recruitment Joke nowadays says 🤡:  “ A candidate needs to take 1 week vacation to complete tasks, when they decide to change jobs”.  

This is an insane candidate experience, a rapidly growing company just can't afford. 

So you got it. 

When the recruitment process or the engine of your company is broken, it’s high time you do something about it. 

Here is a top industry solution in 2021, that is proven to work for hiring developers in 3 weeks. 

  1. Define top 3 requirements need to get the job done 
  2. Estimate salary range 
  3. Design efficient technical assessment steps

If you want to go even further, you get

✴️ Extra points for culture “click” or values based recruitment. Simply said, hire people who share the same values. 

🌎 As promised, also one more hot tip to hire developers remote: When you hire remote workers, think about PTO coverage and career growth possibilities. 

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