Rosen Todorov - Remote Work Ambassador

Meet Rosen Todorov. 

We’re happy to introduce you to one of the most passionate Remote Work Ambassadors in our community. 

Rosen Todorov

Rosen Todorov is a Product Manager and Scrum Master in one of the fastest growing fin-tech startups in Bulgaria. Every day he contributes to revolutionizing the way we handle our personal finances.  

Let’s see what he shares about his lifestyle as a remote worker and his best advice for working from home. 

1. Describe your working day in 3 words?

R: Dynamic, challenging, fulfilling. 

2. What do you love the most about remote work?

 R: I love that I can concentrate when I have to be really focused on a specific task. I also get to work from a workstation that I find comfortable and built personally for myself.

3. How do you unplug from work?

R: I love photography and traveling. The latter is a bit hard to follow these days, so shooting landscapes and cityscapes is my thing 🙂

4. Would you recommend a friend to Remote IT World and why?

R: I'd absolutely recommend Remote IT World. The reason is pretty simple - of all agencies I was in contact with during my last job hunt, Remote IT World was the only one that actually spoke with me openly, discussing my options and comparing offers and conditions. This shows a high level of professionalism and is something I was looking for back then and will continue to seek forward.

5. Any advice for remote workers?

 R: Don't work outside office hours. No, seriously. Don't.

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