The Future of Work - the Remote Organization

The Future of Work — the Remote Organization

Corporate enterprises are challenged to follow good practices that lead to success while encouraging flexibility and innovation. Whether your company has decades of experience or is a new start-up, it's time to consider the advantages of the work culture of the future: the Remote Organization.

What are the advantages of a Remote Organization?

#1 - Attracting top talent, of course! And keeping that talent engaged...

Before any business can begin, first comes talented people. Of course, skills can be acquired, culture can be nurtured. But motivation and uniquely talented workers are crucial for success.

The problem? Top qualified professionals are hard to attract.
Tech specialists have endless available career opportunities. On average, a developer receives 3 messages every day, inviting them to apply for vacant positions.

The solution? Talk to a Remote Work Ambassador and GO REMOTE!
We call ourselves Remote Work Ambassadors. We are committed to promoting, fostering and supporting IT and Blockchain societies. We want them to flourish in the era of decentralized professional engagement.

#2 - Remote Organizations really have it all.

Although the popularity of fully distributed companies is relatively small, in the remote ecosystem we have it all.

You name it, we got it! We've got the know-how, infrastructure, global reach and operations, team management best practices, culture and values. Goods or services-oriented, employing small teams to large, these global citizen companies are enriched and flourish.

#3 - Ditch the commute! Embrace productivity and freedom instead.

Imagine your day starts like one of those TV ads. There you are, enjoying the sunrise and a fantastic view with a cup of coffee(or tea). You're not rushing like crazy to get to work. You're there already. Your colleagues are unique individuals living around the world. You know that your freedom comes with trust and responsibilities. By setting up your own quiet workstation, you reach deeper concentration levels and thus can be more creative, productive and able to contribute.

#4 - Put employee health and wellbeing into a rewarding job.

What CEO would not want more results in less time and not at the cost of their employees' health and wellbeing!

We, as remote workers, care for our families! We realize the kids grow fast, so spending invaluable time together while having a rewarding job is our ultimate dream.

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