You might be already working remote & you might have not realized it yet. 

Remote work doesn't mean work from home. 
Remote work is all around us!

Operating virtually stands for a set-up where execution is possible via the internet.

Typically implementing tools such as Jira, Trello, communicating to your team via email, Slack, Discord, conducting meetings via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype etc. You already do that, right 🙂 

Apart from the fully distributed teams where everyone can work from anywhere. There are few more successful examples of remote work: Co-located teams, Distributed teams & Hybrid Teams. Let's talk for a moment for each of them: 

- Co-located teams - 

One team is based in an office in Sofia and another in an office in London. The two teams work perfectly well together although they do reside in different countries. To communicate to each other and to align on their tasks, they implement good processes and write down documentation! They have crystal clear expectations of what the outcome of their work should look like. 

- Distributed teams - 

Let's say your company HQ is in the USA, your Sales team is all over the world, your integrators and consultants travel across Europe, EMEA, APAC, some people are in the Berlin office. These team members spread all over the world use the mechanics of remote work to run business and perform their jobs. 

- Hybrid teams - 

The "Core Crew' or as they might think of themselves is in the office. in that team composition, there is also a number of individuals each in a different location. The ones outside of the office are the remote workers. However to be able to work together, the ones in the office adjust their workflow and process to include effectively those outside of it. Basically they all work in a remote fashion. 

Remember, Even if there is 1 person outside of the office, you all already work remotely! 

PS: Lately, i've been thinking, what's stopping you to give your employees the option to work fully remotely? What other myths and stereotypes about remote reside in your head? Drop us a line we're curious to hear from you and assist you on your way to scaling your tech business go global, go remote. 

Yours remotely, 


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