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The History of Remote Work

We’ve gone a long way since the first “digital nomad” Steve Roberts in 1983 rode on a computerized recumbent bicycle. He was then featured in the Popular Computing magazine as he embarked on a 1,400 miles journey while still maintaining his writing career. He was using the first Model 100 to save all the articles on. Later, with the usage of the satellite system called Motosat, nomads were able to access the net and remote teams much easier.

Companies are increasingly embracing “remote, agile” teams to complete projects and meet deadlines, according to a study by the freelancing website Upwork as it becomes clear that working from home is not a detriment to productivity or employee engagement.

In a survey of 1,000 hiring managers, 55% agree that remote work among full-time employees is more common now, and say they expect up to 38% of their full-time workers will be working remotely in the next decade.

The contingent developments in distributed and decentralized technology will further favor the spreading of digital nomadism. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain are growingly becoming a main field of work for location independent programmers, developers, content managers.

The global movement is growing fast and although sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the news and developments in the space, participation in meetings, conferences, gatherings of all sorts is always encouraged to feel the enthusiasm and connect with like-minded peers.

What is Running Remote? was first held on June 23–24, 2018 at Fivelements, Bali, an award-winning eco-conscious luxury wellness destination. 250 attendees along with top remote work leaders gathered in Bali for Running Remote, the largest-ever conference on distributed teams.

Speakers from GitHub, FlexJobs &, TransferWise, Ogilvy, Coworkation populated the stage last year and will animate debates, highlight innovations, engage in interesting talks in this year’s edition.

If you are a remote CEO and want to learn how to manage, motivate, outsource and scale remote teams, then will help you connect with other 500 CEOs and Founders of remote-first companies from 40+ countries. Listen to top-class speakers who will share their successful strategies. Learn everything you need to know about building and scaling successful remote teams.

In the beautiful setting of the tropical island you will spend two days meeting and networking with leading tech companies, thought leaders and founders of globally distributed teams, and acknowledging the best remote models and expertise to grow your remote workforce.

On top of this, at Running Remote 2019, there will be the world’s first remote-friendly VC panel. Learn what it takes to get funding from venture capitalists who are keen on investing in remote businesses.

A variety of talks will range from ‘MANAGING A HUGE CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM LIKE A PRO’ (Marcie Murray, Director of Support, Shopify), to ‘HOW TO MANAGER A REMOTE ENGINEERING TEAM’ (Andreas Klinger, Head of Remote, AngelList) and ‘HIRING EMPLOYEES IN A NEW COUNTRY’ (Tim Burgess, Founder & CEO, ShieldGEO).

In a post-event survey, 81% said they “got what they went for,” while 53% “implemented changes in their organization” after the last conference. 94% of the conference attendees rated the event 4 stars or higher.

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Excited to meet you all there.



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