Those benefits of hiring talents remotely will change your hiring strategy forever

Those benefits of hiring talents remotely will change your hiring strategy forever

Hire top software developers regardless of their location

In recent years, especially during the global pandemic situation, remote work has become increasingly popular.

This trend has been driven by the benefits of hiring remote talent, which include access to a larger pool of highly skilled professionals, lower overhead costs, increased productivity, and greater flexibility.

In this blog post, we will explore these benefits in greater detail and discuss why companies should consider hiring talents remotely.

1. Access to a larger talent pool

One of the main advantages of remote work is that it allows companies to access a much larger pool of highly skilled professionals. By hiring remotely, businesses can recruit from a global talent pool, rather than being limited to candidates in their local area. This opens up the possibility of finding highly qualified individuals with unique perspectives and specialized skill sets, which may not be available in the company's home country.

2. Lower Overhead Costs

Moreover, by expanding the talent pool beyond the local area, businesses are more likely to find candidates who align with their values, culture, and mission. This can lead to higher levels of engagement, as well as a better fit between the employee and the organization. Additionally, with the ability to hire from a larger pool of candidates, businesses can reduce the time and resources they spend on recruitment, making the hiring process more efficient.

Hiring remotely also comes with the benefit of reduced overhead costs. In a traditional office environment, businesses need to invest in office space, furniture, equipment, and utilities. However, with remote work, employees can work from their homes, shared workspaces, or other remote locations. This eliminates the need for office space, and in turn, reduces the cost of rent, utilities, and office supplies. By cutting down on these expenses, businesses can allocate resources towards other areas of their operations, such as marketing, research and development, or expanding their product lines.

3. Increased Productivity and Greater Flexibility

Another key benefit of hiring remote talent is that it can lead to increased productivity. In a traditional office setting, employees can be easily distracted by different interruptions. Remote workers, on the other hand, can work in an environment that is more conducive to their personal productivity and matches their own work style. This leads to a reduction in distractions, which can improve focus and concentration.

With remote work, employees can work on their own schedules, which can be particularly appealing to individuals with family or personal commitments. This can lead to happier, more satisfied employees, who are more likely to remain with the company for the long term. Additionally, remote workers can be located in different time zones, which can allow businesses to provide 24/7 customer service or support.

4. Retain top talent

Remote work can also be a way to attract and retain top talent. Many employees today appreciate their freedom at work more than the other perks, meaning that when it comes to choosing their next job, talents would go with the company which best understands their needs.

5. Embrace Diversity

Building remote teams helps create a more diverse, globalized, and forward-thinking workforce, while also enabling the organization to tap into new markets and gain a competitive advantage. The presence of a diverse background and experience among employees is beneficial for any business as it creates an environment of openness to different perspectives, ideas, and cultures.

Overall, hiring talents remotely can provide a range of benefits for companies looking to expand their talent pool, reduce costs, and improve productivity and employee satisfaction. As such, it is an option that should be seriously considered by any organization looking to grow and succeed in today's fast-paced business environment. 

We would love to schedule a free discovery call and help you and your organization understand how remote hiring would change your hiring strategy for good. Feel free to book a meeting with our founder, Yanny Hristova at this link.

Tribute to Female Leaders in Technology in Bulgaria'23 🌺

Tribute to Female Leaders in Technology in Bulgaria' 2023 🌺

15 x 256 characters of wisdom by women in tech for women in tech

On the International Women’s Day 2023 we are celebrating the female leaders in technology in Bulgaria. The women who are constantly fighting to tear down gender boundaries, create equality and make the world a better place. Every day we are hearing about more and more women establishing their own successful businesses or being in the driver seat of the board of directors of some of the world’s biggest companies. The world of technology is not an exception - women in technology have proved that this area is not only reserved for males, by demonstrating unparalleled talent, exceptional leadership skills and innovative spirit. 

As a gender equality enabler, our mission is to drive more awareness to the value women bring to businesses - balanced workplaces have better safety and office culture, increasing employees job satisfaction and the average retention rate. Women facilitate innovation in businesses by providing new insights and problem-solving solutions to an industry which was primarily male-dominated. By including more women in leadership tech roles, companies see growth as qualified female talent seeks out role models they aspire to be like. 

In order to honor all the women around the world and recognize their efforts we gathered fifteen inspirational boss ladies, womanizing the tech and engineering teams, to answer the question “If you could travel back in time, what would you say to your younger self?”.

We truly believe that those examples would help females around the world elevate themselves and stand for gender equality in and out of the workplace. 

Mariya Zasheva, CEO at ZigiWave

Maria Zasheva, CEO at ZigiWave, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

Hello. My name is Maria Zasheva. I currently hold the position of Chief Executive Officer at ZigiWave – an innovator in integrations. My background is Marketing and Business Development, gained in technology companies. Together with the team, we managed to successfully build the foundations of an effective marketing and sales machine, which drove brand awareness and resulted in enhanced organic growth of the company. My main activities are tightly connected to making sure the business aligns with technology to achieve the balance needed for a product company which satisfies customer needs. ZigiWave’s biggest asset is the people, I am extremely grateful and honored to work among the most dedicated professionals, who care about the product and care to make an impact. I hope that every company understands the importance of having people, who care. Because these would be the ones who can change the world with you. 

" With time, I learnt a lot and I would like to share a lot with my younger self and with the fellow females in tech, but The first thing would be – good things take time. I always wanted things to happen fast and for me to grow even faster. The trick I didn’t know about that time was that the faster you grow, the more you need to give up. And I don’t mean that in a bad sense. There are people who care too much about what they do and some who just go to work to get paid. I am proud to represent the first group."

Desislava Zaharieva, Senior Vice President of Technology at Prime HoldingJSC

Desislava Zaharieva, Senior VP of Technology at PrimeHoldingJSC, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

My name is Desislava Zaharieva and i am currently trying to make a difference as a Senior Vice President of Technology at Prime Holding JSC, an IT Consulting and Professional Services Company. I am responsible for creating and overseeing all engineering strategies in the company while ensuring the smooth running of the day-to-day and long-term operations of the engineering department. My responsibilities include working closely with Prime Holding’s leadership team to ensure efficiency in the company’s operations and that we meet our business goals and objectives. I am really passionate about both technology excellence and people development.

“If I should provide advice for younger women in technology, I would mention several key aspects. First of all, they should never doubt their skills and expertise. If a career in technology is something they would like to pursue, they should be determined and have a natural curiosity and willingness to learn. Technology is a rapidly evolving field, and that is why it is crucial to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Success in technology often requires perseverance and hard work. They should not be discouraged by setbacks or failures but instead use them as opportunities to learn and grow. I would strongly advise any woman in technology to make sure she has a great mentor who can serve as a role model and provide guidance.”

Zornitsa Nikolova, Co-founder at ViziWealth

Zornitsa Nikolova, Co-founder at ViziWealth. Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria.

My name is Zornitsa Nikolova and I’m a co-founder at ViziWealth - an app built with a vision to help people improve their financial health. I’ve started my career in a corporate environment, going from a regular team member to a product and people manager. Later, I left the corporate world to become an Agile coach, and an entrepreneur. I am passionate about using technology to improve peoples' lives. 

To all young women in tech, my advise is:

“Dear young lady, now is your time to experiment. Be brave and go big with your dreams. You will never be 100% prepared for all the challenges you will face. Trust yourself more, find mentors, and don't compromise with your dreams. Enjoy the journey!”

Connect with Zori at

LinkedIn profile:



Temenuzhka Zlateva, Senior Engineering Manager at Paysafe

Temenuzhka Zlateva, Senior Engineering Managet at Paysafe. Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

My name is Temenuzhka Zlateva, Senior Engineering Manager at Paysafe. I’m leading engineering teams that develop payment products for end customers and business partners. I'm a strong believe that to build a great product you need a great team! Fully dedicated on help people grow, be highly effective in a team and support them in delivering with technical excellence!

“Going almost 15 years back, in the beginning of my career, I would say to my younger self “Stop waiting for feedback, start asking for it”. If you want to get better at your work, seeking feedback regularly and reflecting on it is essential. Finding the right people is the first thing to do. Be specific with your request and honestly share why it’s important for you. You’re more likely to receive honest and helpful information. Never forget to acknowledge the time and the effort people have dedicated to help you improve. Building trust with the feedback givers strengthens the relationships between you and sets the ground for better future collaboration.”

Stefka Stoyanova, VP of Engineering at Jiminny

Stefka Stoyanova, VP of Engineering at Jiminny, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

My name is Stefka Stoyanova I'm currently a VP of Engineering at Jiminny. I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and 20+ years experience in the IT industry, at different roles like Java Developer, Team Lead, Project Manager, Software Engineering Manager, Head of Engineering and VP of Engineering. My interests are in building and leading high-performing Engineering organizations to help them scale.

“My two cents of wisdom learnt with time is to focus on preparation and invest in becoming really good at what you do. Many engineers nowadays get roles without being prepared for them. If you seek sustainable career success, invest a few years working with experienced professionals, no matter your role, level and salary. Thus you'll learn from good and bad and develop needed skills for moving forward. “

Jeni Markishka, Senior Engineering Manager at Design Technologies

Jeni Markishka, Senior Engineering Manager at DesignTechnologies, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

Hello, I’m Jeni Markishka and I have  20+ years of experience working in technology . Started as a software engineer many years ago and in the last decade I started to gradually move towards a people management role. In the last six years I have been mainly supporting and establishing professionals in the field of software development. I believe that managing people requires genuine care and living your values daily.

My advice to my younger self is that working on your character and integrity from a young age will only benefit you later on. Life comes with its challenges and your emotional maturity will have a say in everything you either achieve or miss out on.

Be patient and find people to support you. Growth takes time.

Connect with Jeni via LinkedIn.

Tanya Kavrakova, Engineering Manager at Sketch

Tanya Kavrakova, Engineering Manager at Sketch, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

Hello! My name is Tanya Kavrakova and I've been working for different IT companies since 2007. I graduated from Sofia University with a degree in Computer Science. I started my career in a small start-up as a Java developer. Throughout the years, I've been using different programming languages, such as Java, Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript. Since 2018, I've been actively using Elixir and this is my primary programming language right now. I can say that Backend development is my passion.I've always been curious and interested in the different technical aspects of the process to deliver a product. That is the main reason why I've had different roles in my career - Software Engineer (Backend and Mobile apps), Team Lead, Team Manager, Backend Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, all of which required a different set of skills and involved different responsibilities. I realized that I enjoy the most hands-on roles and technical challenges and this is the area in which I constantly try to grow.I have always preferred working for companies that build their own products. I enjoy working closely with product roles - Product Owners, Product Managers, Designers. I always try to find the balance when I work on a project or a task - I aim for neat and simple implementation that gives the best value to our customers. I think I am doing a good job when I have to communicate with product roles and translate technical challenges to people with no technical background. Also, I work closely with them to define and tune the requirements so that the best product is delivered to our customers. The key to success is good communication and continuous collaboration. The best results are achieved by the best teams.

“To my younger self, I would say: Never stop learning. Always try to understand why something is working the way it is. Never be satisfied with a shallow understanding of the problem. Read books. Learn from your own experience and from the experience of other people. And also be patient. The right things will happen when the right time comes. Focus on what you can control, focus on personal growth, and become a better version of yourself.”

Aneliya Vlaykova, Engineering Manager at SumUp

Aneliya Vlaykova Engineering Manager at SumUp, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

My name is Aneliya Vlaykova and I am a software engineer that switched to the management track around 9 years ago. I have spent my whole career in FinTech companies. For the last 3.5 years I have been part of SumUp's Risk & Compliance tribe and I am super happy to contribute to our mission to enable small merchants around the world to do what they love. I am a mother of two beautiful children. I love traveling, gardening and reading books. Talks about #fintechjobs #coachingmindset #agileorganization #engineeringmanager and #leadershipdevelopement

“What I wish I did when I was younger is to focus on the important things and prioritize to the extreme. Learn to say “No” when needed and recognize situations where you are not the right person to make a decision.Care for the people on the team and the business of the company.”

Irina Yaroslavova Stefanova, Engineering Manager Clojure at Kleene

Irina Yaroslavova Stefanova, Engineering Manager, Clojure at Kleene. Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

I'm Irina Yaroslavova Stefanova and I'm a Full Stack developer, interested in the whole process of software development. I'm working with Clojure, and I've got experience with AWS, Docker, Terraform, C#, JavaScript, Python, VB, Lua and many others. Software Development for me is a passion and I believe it teaches you to think in certain ways, which is highly beneficial in all aspects of life.

My 2 cents of wisdom to other women in tech who are committed to success is:

"Explore and research, form a goal, get disciplined and commit to it. Sticking to a mediocre decision is far better compared to looking for the ever-eluding perfect solution - and never doing anything. And most importantly - find something you enjoy doing!”

Miglena Grozdeva, Senior Program Manager at Teva Pharmaceuticals

Miglena Grozdeva,  Senior Program Manager at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgria

Hi my name is Miglena Grozdeva. Wondering what field to choose after university? Or perhaps you are a woman determined to pursue a career in technology but facing doubt and lack of support? I can relate. Having studied maths and C++, I decided to pursue a career in IT. My first job was in technical support. Afterwards, I proceeded with quality assurance which naturally evolved into a management role. Passionate about learning new concepts and technology, development and continuous improvement.
Self-driven, goal-oriented, aiming for highest customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

“I would tell my younger self that discipline takes further than motivation. Set goals, organize your time, study, put yourself out for opportunities, take the longer paths, take decisions, be grounded. Youth is not a reason to doubt yourself, focus, and continue against all odds.”

Marina Shideroff, Founder and CEO at Fram Creative Solutions

Marina Shideroff, Founder and CEO at Fram Creative Solutions

Marina Shideroff is a true visionary and trailblazer in the IT industry, with more than 15 years of experience in the digital realm. She has successfully built a thriving business in a highly competitive sector without relying on external funding. As the founder of Fram Creative Solutions, a UX/UI company established in 2017, Marina has been at the forefront of numerous groundbreaking digital projects, delivering seamless and intuitive user experiences, user interfaces, customer experiences, and branding solutions. Her designs always prioritize the user, and her international experience is shared with her entire team, resulting in outstanding partnerships with over 350 companies across 21 markets worldwide. Fram Creative Solutions' impressive portfolio includes responsive websites, innovative applications, and iconic branding for SMEs, Corporates, and startups in Europe, Asia, and North America. Marina and her team have received numerous accolades, including being recognized as the top UI/UX company in Eastern Europe for three consecutive years.

"A positive mindset can take you far in life, especially in the face of adversity. Believe in yourself, focus on solutions rather than problems, and don't be afraid to seek help when you need it. With the right attitude and a willingness to learn and grow, you can achieve anything you set your mind to." Marina Shideroff

Yoana Boyanova, Manager R&D at VMware Bulgaria

Yoana Boyanova, Manager R&D at VMware Bulgaria. Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

I’m Yoana Boyanova – Manager R&D at VMware Bulgaria. I’m leading a small team of five people and I’m responsible for delivering a quality product with great UI and UX! I’m passionate about motivating young women who are starting their careers and sharing my experience with the IT community. In my free time, I love traveling, snowboarding, and trying different sports.

I am passionate about leadership, communication, and presentation skills and I love trying new things. I have participated in several conferences as a speaker and I'm seeking more opportunities like this!

I strongly believe that IT professionals should support each other so I am part of the Women Who Code Sofia's team. We are supporting women in technology by creating different events and creating an environment for sharing experiences and ideas.

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to “Be brave, be thankful for what you have now and dream bigger than you can imagine because everything is possible! Do what you are passionate about, don’t chase money and fame and you will be happier than ever!”

Sonya Vrabcheva (Sevova), Director of Product Management at Quantive (formerly Gtmhub)

Sonya Vrancheva, Director of Product Management at Quantive, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

Hi, I'm Sonya Vrabcheva, Director of Product at Quantive (formerly Gtmhub), where I've been for the past two years. With over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, I'm passionate about building innovative products that solve customer problems and redefine user experiences. Outside work, I love spending time with my family, exploring new places, and embracing new experiences.

A message to my younger self: " Stay ambitious and focused but don't take things too seriously. Self and career development is a never-ending journey. Don't fear failure or leaving your comfort zone; these moments will make a difference and make you better than the person you were yesterday."

Mariya Rashkovska, Head of Product Management & Co-founder at ProductTank Sofia

Maria Rashkova, Head of Product Management and Co-founder at ProductTank Sofia, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

Meet Mariya Rashkovska. Her passion for technology and interest in solving business problems led her to a career in product management. She has an extensive track record in successfully managing various products and teams for companies like Telerik, Progress, and the Financial Times. Most recently she worked as the Head of Product in adtech. She is teaching lean product management to startups and companies that need to find product-market fit. Co-founder of the Bulgarian chapter of ProductTank.

If you could travel back in time, what would you say to your younger self?

" The most important thing is the people you surround yourself with - this includes carefully selecting your university, your workplace and your friends. Two things are important - make sure you are not the smartest person in the room and that you share the same values with the people around you."

Mariana Ivanovska-Hristova, AI Program and Technical Delivery Manager at Luxoft

Mariana Ivanovska-Hrstova, AI Program Manager at Luxoft, Tribute to female leaders in technology in Bulgaria

Hello. My name is Mariana Ivanovska - Hristova. I am working as a Program Manager in Luxoft Bulgaria for one of the biggest Luxoft Investments clients. My area of responsibilities are projects related to AI using ASR technology or Cloud migration projects. I am happy to work with international teams and deliver solutions which helps the business to grow up and be a strong competitor in the market.

“ I often travel back in time and repeat myself who I am and what I want to achieve in this life. This helps me to stay positive and accept all opportunities I have with no impact on my identity. If I could meet myself like 15 years ago, I would say: Keep dreaming big and believe that there are no limitations.All can be achieved if you really want it, and if you are ready to pay extra effort. Everything is possible."

We would like to express our gratitude to all those amazing women in technology, who thrive in an increasingly competitive global market and the exceptional example they set for all the ladies out there who aspire to be leaders in the world of technology. 

As a gender equality enabler we help businesses drive change and hire more women in technology challenging the status quo, the stereotypes and each other to break the biases for future generations of women to come. We would love to help you too, so do not hesitate to reach out to us and start the change today! 

Authored remotely and with care by Yanislava Hristova, Founder at Remote IT World

Remote IT World is a 2022 Clutch Leader

Remote IT World is one of the Best HR Companies in Bulgaria According to Clutch

The IT industry has been helping companies transform their businesses into modern workforces. With that being said, the need for reliable IT services grows each year. Thankfully, our team at Remote IT World is here to help! We're a top choice HR and Staffing Partner of the companies and startups that are looking to hire top remote tech and Blockchain professionals worldwide. 

As a matter of fact, our team has been recently named as one of the best HR companies in all of Bulgaria by none other than Clutch. In case you don’t know, Clutch is an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals.

This is a huge achievement for our Remote IT World team. We are very thankful to Clutch and their team for making this award possible. Our team is grateful to be named as one of the top B2B companies in all of Bulgaria. This is a testament to our hard work and dedication to providing the best services for our clients.

Speaking of our clients, we would like to dedicate this award to all of you! You guys have been vital to our success and we honestly couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for trusting us and believing in our team. 
Not sure where to begin in your mission to go remote? We empower both tech talent and employers to go remote.  Start with hello.  End with remote success!

Considering a Counter Offer? Stop and Read This First!

Considering a Counter Offer? Stop and Read This First!

It may be tempting to request a counter offer from your company, but as you’ll soon discover, the “counter offer game” is actually career suicide. Why? It’s quite simple.  

First, consider what your actions are saying.

Perhaps you feel undervalued or unchallenged at your company, so you decide to look elsewhere.  You apply until you receive a job offer, and you decide to use that to ask your company for a raise or career advancement.  In your mind, you believe you are showing them your true value.  In your employer’s mind, however, they hear things very differently.  Your employer hears, “I am the one in power now.  I’ve got you cornered now, and if you don’t give me what I want, I’m leaving.”  

When you ask for a counter offer, you don’t demonstrate your value in a fair, professional way.  Instead, you force their hand, and you appear to be manipulative and unreliable.  

The counter offer strategy is also a short-term, short-sighted solution.  Sure, that money may save the day, but it won’t save the year.  In fact, research shows that if you accept a counter offer from your own company, you will very likely change your job within the next 10 months anyway.

Even worse? Since the company no longer views you as a reliable employee, when times are tough, you’ll most likely be paid off or terminated first.

"When you play the counter offer game, you disrespect three people: yourself, your employer, and your potential employer (whom you turned down).

Here’s what you should do instead.

If you’re feeling undervalued or unchallenged in your current role, advocate for yourself in a professional manner.  Write down a list of your accomplishments which benefited your company, and speak with your current employer about a potential raise, bonus structure, or path to promotion.  Negotiate a win-win for both you and your employer.  A conversation might begin something like this: “Based on my accomplishments which I’ve outlined here, I see myself as an asset to the team.  I’d like to continue to add value for years to come, and I’d like to see how we might work toward a reasonable new compensation plan or performance-based promotion path.  Would you have some time to chat about ways in which we might come to a mutually beneficial agreement?”

Give your employer the chance to work with you on a new compensation or promotion plan, and be patient but reasonable in your negotiations.  During this time, yes, it’s perfectly okay to look privately and quietly for other job opportunities as well.  If your company is unwilling or unable to offer you a higher salary or better career path, then it’s probably time to start looking for another company.  If you have found another job offer at this time, then accept it and tell your employer that you are leaving for a better opportunity.  Thank them for the opportunities and experiences you did have with them, and leave on a positive note!

Don’t play the counter offer game!

If you’re tempted to play the counter offer game to get what you want, don’t.  Be professional and ask for a raise or promotion based on your merits instead.  Look quietly for jobs if needed, but don’t force an employer into making a decision by threatening to leave.  If you’ve decided to leave, leave.  Playing the counter offer game will get you blacklisted by employers; you’ll be known as an unreliable, unprofessional individual.  Your name and your word is all you have.  Honor it.

Looking for a change from your current employer?  Considering a remote career opportunity?

Browse open positions and bring your talent to a reputable, remote-first company!

Your Remotely, 


Rosen Todorov - Remote Work Ambassador

Meet Rosen Todorov. 

We’re happy to introduce you to one of the most passionate Remote Work Ambassadors in our community. 

Rosen Todorov

Rosen Todorov is a Product Manager and Scrum Master in one of the fastest growing fin-tech startups in Bulgaria. Every day he contributes to revolutionizing the way we handle our personal finances.  

Let’s see what he shares about his lifestyle as a remote worker and his best advice for working from home. 

1. Describe your working day in 3 words?

R: Dynamic, challenging, fulfilling. 

2. What do you love the most about remote work?

 R: I love that I can concentrate when I have to be really focused on a specific task. I also get to work from a workstation that I find comfortable and built personally for myself.

3. How do you unplug from work?

R: I love photography and traveling. The latter is a bit hard to follow these days, so shooting landscapes and cityscapes is my thing 🙂

4. Would you recommend a friend to Remote IT World and why?

R: I'd absolutely recommend Remote IT World. The reason is pretty simple - of all agencies I was in contact with during my last job hunt, Remote IT World was the only one that actually spoke with me openly, discussing my options and comparing offers and conditions. This shows a high level of professionalism and is something I was looking for back then and will continue to seek forward.

5. Any advice for remote workers?

 R: Don't work outside office hours. No, seriously. Don't.

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WFH Alternatives

WFH alternatives

“I was in quarantine, a long time before the quarantine,” one of my candidates said to me through laughter. For someone who has been working remotely for at least 4-5 years now, the pandemic didn't bring anything new when it comes to working from home, online communication, and team management. 

As Technical Recruitment Consultants and and remote work ambassadors, we consider ourselves fortunate to chat with so many amazing tech professionals. Some of our usual questions are:

For many of us remote work is a lifestyle, but sometimes we need a few changes and some distance from our home office, maybe even just for a few hours.

Co-working Space

Co-working spaces can be a great place to meet people, share knowledge and ideas, and discover potential collaborations.

Find a co-working place in your city or wherever your internet connection leads you.

Co-working places are very popular among tech contractors and freelancers.

Nearby cafes

As we all know, there is a special relationship between coding and coffee. If you have a favorite cafe, take your laptop, find a comfortable seat next to the power plug and get to work. Maybe you won't be able to attend the conference calls, but can certainly do some code review. 

If you are not familiar with the staff and place, ask for permission to plug in your laptop or anything else you might need.

Don't forget to leave a tip. 

Family countryside home

You can work globally, have an international career in your small town or village in the countryside. 

During the pandemic, many remote workers decided to go back to their roots and set up a home office.  

Enjoy the fresh air, organic food, and family time. Maybe you'll be back with 2-3 kilos more, but it's worth it if you can spend some time with your parents or grandparents. 😀


Have you heard about biophilia? It describes how humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other living things. 

Whether it is a beach or riverside, perhaps a park or garden, a day of work in nature brings multiple benefits. It can help you focus, bring a new perspective, and boost your creativity.

Many studies show that our moods take a positive shift when we spend time outside. Research also suggests that spending time in nature can also reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, making you happier and more energetic.


Whatever you do, don't forget to take a break for a while. Keep an open mind as you consider the alternatives and what works best for you.

“We don't live to work, we work to live!”

Don't forget:

Working remotely is a lifestyle, and like anything, it takes preparation and a change in mindset.  To be an effective remote worker, you’ll need to set yourself up for success first.

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3 Secrets to Working from Anywhere

3 Secrets to Working from Anywhere

You’ve heard about those people who work from the beach, who go skiing on their lunch breaks, who buy a van and travel the country while working remotely.  You envy them.  You admire them. You give them permission to be themselves and work from anywhere.  So .. why not you?

You’re working from home, and it proved to you that you don’t need to work in an office building.  But guess what?  You can prove one more thing to yourself next.  You can actually be effective outside of your home too.  Here’s how to work from anywhere.

There are 3 essential tools that will allow you to work from anywhere: a workday ritual, a remote kit, and a daily reminder.  Let’s take them one by one.

Secret #1: The Workday Ritual

When you started working from home, it was essential to create a daily ritual for yourself.  You decided what time to wake up, what to have for breakfast each morning, which meetings were “cameras on/off”, and how to call it a day and turn off your computer for the day.  You defended your personal time by sharing your work hours with your team, and you added daily away messages on Slack and other collaboration tools to help colleagues respect your personal time.

Now, you’ll use the same principles to create your workday ritual!

  1. Choose hours when you are clearly “away from the computer.”  Communicate and protect those hours firmly.  You will need to give yourself predictable personal time to be an effectively remote worker who can work from anywhere.
  2. Decide how you will start your workday, regardless of your location.  Your brain still needs a signal that it’s time to work.  Choose a ritual that you can do anywhere, like 15 minutes with a hot beverage, reading your favorite online newspaper, or journaling. You will need a ritual that you can do anywhere, so there are no excuses to skip it.
  3. Decide how you will end your workday too!  Choose an end-of-day ritual that is location agnostic - you can do it anywhere regardless of where you are working that day.  Perhaps it simply means checking your calendar for tomorrow and closing your laptop.

The workday ritual used to be driving to an office.  It’s changed.  Now, we have the freedom to create our own workday ritual. And you know what?  Remote workers find freedom in rituals!

Secret #2: The Remote Kit

Working from anywhere might scare you a little.  You may have some anxious questions:

Here’s the secret!  Your solutions to your anxious questions … are your remote kit!  

What should go in your kit?

If you’re worried about finding wifi, your remote kit needs to include a wireless hotspot.

If you’re worried about a noisy location, invest in quality noise-canceling headphones.

If you’re worried about a busy background, use a virtual background or buy a popup one.

If you’re worried about unpredictable lighting, buy a portable lighting kit.

Every kit is unique because our needs are unique.  Buy what you need to address your concerns, and take your remote kit with you.

Secret #3: The Daily Reminder

You need a reminder that you are valuable, not your location. You can be effective anywhere.  Write it somewhere so you can see it every single day until you internalize the message.  

“They hired me, not my location.”

“I’m effective anywhere I go.”

“I’m prepared, I’m talented, and I’m free to work from anywhere.”

Write your own daily reminder: __________________________.

What’s Blocking You?

If you can’t visualize yourself working from anywhere yet, identify your blocker:  

Interruptions - If you are worried that you will be interrupted by work, then your blocker is a weak workday ritual.  Take a couple of weeks to clearly communicate and defend your schedule because your daily personal time will give you the freedom you need to work from anywhere. 

Unpredictable work conditions - If you’re concerned you won’t have what you need at each location, then your remote kit is incomplete.  Spend some time buying what you need to put your mind at ease.  To work from anywhere means you’re prepared for anything.

Imposter syndrome - “Other people can work from anywhere, but I can’t.” If you continue to tell yourself that you are limited … you are limiting yourself with a negative daily reminder.  Replace that with a positive daily reminder that, “Anyone can work from anywhere if they’re prepared.”

Identify your blocker, and choose the right solution to unblock yourself.  Ready to go remote? Let’s look at what you need to get started in a remote career that gives you the freedom to work anywhere.

Get Started

Yes, you can work from anywhere.  You admire people who do, and they probably make it look easy.  But everyone needs to prepare for flexible work.  Before your can confidently start working from anywhere, you need to check these off your list:

Working remotely is a learned lifestyle, and like anything, it takes preparation and a change in mindset.  To be an effective remote worker, you’ll need to set yourself up for success first.

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“We don't live to work, we work to live!” - Meet Nikolay Vuchkov, Remote Work Ambassador

Meet Nikolay Vuchkov

We're happy to announce one of the most passionate Remote Work Ambassadors in our community. 

From developers for developers. 

Nikolay Vuchkov, Niki is a Frontend Developer, from  Bulgaria. He works remotely at a startup company. They build an unicorn product disrupting the esports gaming with AI.  His motto is less stress the better, so that's why he decided to leave us his job search.

Let's see what Niki  says about remote work.

“Remote work gives me the freedom to work from anywhere I want: desk, couch, coffeeshops, beaches, even on a couple occasions at my car 🙂 I highly dislike office atmospheres and in time of global pandemic remote work is a must for me.”

We believe that Remote Work Is A Lifestyle, as everything has its advantages and disadvantages. We asked Nikolay a simple question: How’s your day going?

This is how he described it: Inspired, excited and chilled. 

One of the hardest challenges for people who work remotely is to unplug, so, Nikolay recommends going for long walks, as that also helps him solve more complex programming issues.

“We don't live to work, we work to live!”

“Free yourself from the grasp of corporate, boring, 9 to 5, cubicle jobs and live your dreams. 🙂 We don't live to work, we work to live!” - Best advice we recently heard.

Ready for more?

Read: What It Takes To Be “A” Remote Worker 

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The ugly truth about why you can't hire developers revealed 🔥

The ugly truth about why you can't hire developers revealed 🔥

Hello everyone, 

Today we start the conversation about the ugly truth behind why you can’t hire developers.

I have news for you. 

When your car engine is broken, your car is broken. 

It’s the same with hiring developers. The inability to recruit properly, breaks your company's ability to operate and move forward. 

I’m Yanny Hristova, Founder at Remote IT World. We’re the go-to recruitment agency for hiring developers and blockchain professionals worldwide. 

In today’s video, you are going to learn the mistakes you do that prevent you from scaling your team. Observe and notice if you already do some of them in your current hiring process. 

Even if this is the case, Don't panic. 

We’ve prepared exclusively for You the best industry practice in 2021 for hiring developers in less than 3 weeks. 

+ plus extra tips for hiring remote too. 

Stay with us. 

Mistake № 1 You don’t know what you are looking for! 

Your job specs include 10+ must have requirements. 

Candidates struggle to understand what do you expect them to actually do. 

You struggle too, because you can’t find the :right: person. 

I bet it takes you months if not years with this long list to recruit. 

Btw 💡A 2021 tech hiring insight here. We observe on the market an increased demand for more specialized professionals. FE and BE engineers are the preferred as opposed to Full stack developers. 

Mistake № 2 You don't know how much you are willing to pay for it! 

Hiring managers sometimes sound a bit hesitant to say what’s the budget planned for the vacancy. 

This can mean two things. 

Maybe it can mean more things. But the point is: 

Have a range before you start. 

Mistake № 3 You don't know how to evaluate the core needed skills and competencies! 

It directly correlates with the  first mistake above. When you don't know what skills and competencies you really need, you get lost in pursuing lengthy, overwhelming and complicated assignments whose success rate is close to zero. 

Say “NO” to over engineering the take home tasks

It’s not needed. Respect the time of the candidates on the other side and focus on efficiency instead. 

A Viral Recruitment Joke nowadays says 🤡:  “ A candidate needs to take 1 week vacation to complete tasks, when they decide to change jobs”.  

This is an insane candidate experience, a rapidly growing company just can't afford. 

So you got it. 

When the recruitment process or the engine of your company is broken, it’s high time you do something about it. 

Here is a top industry solution in 2021, that is proven to work for hiring developers in 3 weeks. 

  1. Define top 3 requirements need to get the job done 
  2. Estimate salary range 
  3. Design efficient technical assessment steps

If you want to go even further, you get

✴️ Extra points for culture “click” or values based recruitment. Simply said, hire people who share the same values. 

🌎 As promised, also one more hot tip to hire developers remote: When you hire remote workers, think about PTO coverage and career growth possibilities. 

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Talk to you soon, 

Yours Remotely, 


The 2021 Independent Remote Contractor: An emerging post-COVID trend!

The 2021 Independent Remote Contractor: An  emerging post-COVID trend!

In 2021, many top remote employers are looking for contractors, but you may be wondering if life and work as a contractor is the right choice for you.  Let’s take a moment to consider what it means to be a contractor as well as the challenges, opportunities and lifestyle benefits of being a contractor.

There are different types of tech contractors

Many articles that you will read about contractors only focus on one type of contractor: the freelancer.  However, some contractors are not freelancers; instead, they work for a staffing agency or follow new, post-Covid trends. So let’s talk about your options here!

  1. The Freelancer
  2. The Contractor paid by a Staffing Agency
  3. The 2021 Independent Remote Contractor (Post-Covid Emerging Trend) 

Life as a Freelancer

This lifestyle has the greatest financial risk yet it also has the most freedom and perhaps skill growth potential.  You are your own boss, and you can seek out exciting job assignments.  Along the way, you can travel and “follow the money” to the highest paying opportunities.  It’s also a chance to network.  Imagine how many talented people you will work with at each new position, and you have the chance to make a great impression and become regarded as an expert in your field by your many new peers.  You also have the opportunity to negotiate your rates as your skills and reputation grow.  You become your own brand, essentially.  You’ll need to market yourself, continually update your resume and portfolio, and aim for mastery.

The challenge?  You’ll always need to keep your eyes open to job opportunities because you never know when the next assignment will be available. You also need to pay for your own healthcare, save for your retirement independently, and remember that you’ll need to pay what you owe in taxes because there’s no company taking care of that for you.

Overall, if you value variety, independence and are willing to take risks for high rewards, being a tech freelancer may be a good lifestyle fit for you!

Life as a Contractor paid by a Staffing Agency

The key difference is that you are an employee of the staffing agency, and they will help match you with positions at companies. The staffing agency will take care of your salary and health insurance; they may offer additional perks and benefits like moving costs and annual sick days.  When your position ends at the company you contract with, your staffing agency can connect you to other positions.  

The downside?  You are limited to the companies that your staffing agency is willing to work with and your staffing agency will be less flexible in what it can pay you (they need to make money too!). Ultimately, you may still need or want to consider working as a freelancer at some point in your career.

The 2021 Independent Remote Contractor (Post-Covid Emerging Trend)

In 2021, a new kind of an Independent Remote Contractor is emerging. You accept engagements which combine the best of the two worlds above. When it makes sense, you freelance. When it makes sense, you work with agencies. Above all, you focus on networking and partnerships to build stability and security. You look for remote-first companies and build connections there.

You understand that companies are investing in your learning curve. With your focus on learning and connections, you are calm because you don’t need to constantly be on the lookout for new job offers. You look for positions that offer vacation days and holidays, so you can spend time with family and friends.  A new kind of company is hiring for these professionals: the remote-first company.  They have no office. Their team is distributed across tens of countries and at least two continents. The remote-first company is also one of the highest performing. You will be in the middle of the action in a growing tech market.

The pandemic transformed the future of work and it’s the new normal. The need for technology, innovations and advancement is ever-growing. Smart cities, self-driving cars, space missions. Name it and they need tech talent. 

From an administrative point of view, the most common setup is to register yourself as a company or a software development agency in your city and country of residence. Contact a local accountant and book a consultation. They can advise you on the best setup that fits your needs.  

What’s the Best Part of Contract Work?

Personal growth! You are working with growing companies who need your skills and expertise.  You’ll have new opportunities to encounter exciting, cutting-edge technology and innovative services.  Each new assignment has a learning curve, of course, but your skillset will grow as you learn.  Ultimately, you will build your reputation as an expert in your field as you meet other talented industry professionals along the way.  We learn through new experiences, and you, as a contractor, will have plenty of new experiences.  

Another possible benefit?  Many contractors are converted to employees.  That consultant position may eventually become a full-time job offer.  You have the freedom then to accept or continue on your path as a contractor.   


There are different types of contractors: (1) freelancer and (2) those who work for staffing agencies, and (3) the 2021 independent remote tech contractor.

Contractor Lifestyle Benefits

Contractor Lifestyle Challenges

Additional Lifestyle Considerations

Ready to see what remote contractor opportunities are available?

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For individual career and independent contractor consultation, get in touch with me on LinkedIn or pick a  Professional Remote Career Consultant from our team Kolyo Slavov, Jelena Rakic, Aleksa Boyadzhieva.

Yours Remotely,

Founder at Remote IT World