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June 16, 2020
Designing Job Roles that Foster Flexibility

In today’s globally connected world, it’s fascinating to see what the human mind is capable of!  We’re witnessing extraordinary events and innovation as a result: self-driving cars, plant-based meat, spaceships in orbit, digital currencies, and more!  The world is gathering online and taking us forward every day.  20 years from now, imagine where we’ll be! […]

May 17, 2020
3 Simple Steps to Remote Talent Management Success

The Need to Engage In this sudden and turbulent global health crisis, we must find a way to connect to our teams online.  We recognize the need to stay engaged. Engaged remote employees drive our success. CEOs, CTOs, and HR managers are racing to attract and keep remote talent.  We can’t afford high turnover or […]

May 3, 2020
Proven Solutions to Build Relationships in Virtual Teams

Proven Solutions to Build Relationships in Virtual Teams With more professionals today working remotely, employers are asking themselves the same question.  How can I help my remote team feel more like a team? The first key is the quality of the remote social engagement. In fact, a recent Gallup study illustrates that workers are highly […]

April 27, 2020
The Remote Culture Guide - Company Values

The Remote Culture Guide -Define your Company Values Embrace remote culture as your post-Covid strategy for growth. Today is your lucky day. You are safe at home, healthy and have an internet connection so that you can read this guide.  Times have been turbulent during the past few weeks. The economy paused and businesses reached […]

March 30, 2020
The Golden Principles of Remote Work

The Golden Principles of Remote Work  The benefits of enabling employees to work remotely attract many employers especially in IT and Tech industry to adopt remote work as a new standard for normal operations. This collection of golden principles of remote work aim at helping you achieve outstanding results in a fully virtual environment.   Let's […]

March 23, 2020
A Call to Action for Business Leaders

A Call to Action for Business Leaders Dear Leaders, Now is the time for visionary leaders to go remote. The world needs you to step in and ensure business continuity. My call to you is simple: Embrace remote operations as an opportunity to increase your business resilience and agility. First, you will need to consider […]

March 12, 2020
Working from home - Starter Kit

Working from home - Starter Kit  Working from home can be a blessing and a curse.  Some people want to. Some people are forced to. Before you begin, remember one thing. Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing, and you'll be a master of remote work! Yes, it might be frustrating at first. We love our old […]

February 20, 2020
Remote work is all around us!

You might be already working remote & you might have not realized it yet.  Remote work doesn't mean work from home. Remote work is all around us! Operating virtually stands for a set-up where execution is possible via the internet. Typically implementing tools such as Jira, Trello, communicating to your team via email, Slack, Discord, conducting […]

January 11, 2020
The Future of Work - the Remote Organization

The Future of Work — the Remote Organization Corporate enterprises are challenged to follow good practices that lead to success while encouraging flexibility and innovation. Whether your company has decades of experience or is a new start-up, it's time to consider the advantages of the work culture of the future: the Remote Organization. What are […]

December 10, 2019
8 Practical TIPS on How to Nail Your Remote Job Interview

8 Practical TIPS on How to Nail Your Remote Job Interview "I just received an invitation to interview for my dream job. How do I prepare for the remote job interview process?" Congratulations!You have just received an invitation for an interview for your dream job. Now, It’s time to prepare. Learn how to successfully ace […]

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