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July 22, 2021
“We don't live to work, we work to live!” - Meet Nikolay Vuchkov, Remote Work Ambassador

Meet Nikolay Vuchkov We're happy to announce one of the most passionate Remote Work Ambassadors in our community.  From developers for developers.  Nikolay Vuchkov, Niki is a Frontend Developer, from  Bulgaria. He works remotely at a startup company. They build an unicorn product disrupting the esports gaming with AI.  His motto is less stress the […]

June 23, 2021
The ugly truth about why you can't hire developers revealed 🔥

The ugly truth about why you can't hire developers revealed 🔥 Hello everyone,  Today we start the conversation about the ugly truth behind why you can’t hire developers. I have news for you.  When your car engine is broken, your car is broken.  It’s the same with hiring developers. The inability to recruit properly, breaks […]

June 6, 2021
The 2021 Independent Remote Contractor: An emerging post-COVID trend!

The 2021 Independent Remote Contractor: An  emerging post-COVID trend! In 2021, many top remote employers are looking for contractors, but you may be wondering if life and work as a contractor is the right choice for you.  Let’s take a moment to consider what it means to be a contractor as well as the challenges, […]

February 13, 2021
Remote Work Is a Lifestyle

Remote Work Is A Lifestyle  Avoid burnout by mastering the freedom of remote work One of the hardest challenges for people who work remotely is to unplug. This is what we see in the 2021 year report The State of Remote by @buffer. This challenge continues to be one of the top 3 struggles for […]

August 26, 2020
What It Takes To Be “A” Remote Worker

What It Takes To Be “A” Remote Worker  Have you ever thought what it takes to be a remote worker? You’ve already been in ‘remote work mode’ long enough to say if you like it or not. You may be the happiest person in the world empowered by the freedom, flexibility and all the benefits […]

July 8, 2020
Offboarding is the new onboarding!

Offboarding is the new onboarding! Offboarding is such a difficult topic for you. In times when massive layoffs are done you need to be extremely careful how you execute this milestone in the employee lifecycle. No matter the various reasons and circumstances which lead to termination of the formal collaboration, it inevitably impacts the company […]

June 16, 2020
Designing Job Roles that Foster Flexibility

In today’s globally connected world, it’s fascinating to see what the human mind is capable of!  We’re witnessing extraordinary events and innovation as a result: self-driving cars, plant-based meat, spaceships in orbit, digital currencies, and more!  The world is gathering online and taking us forward every day.  20 years from now, imagine where we’ll be! […]

May 17, 2020
3 Simple Steps to Remote Talent Management Success

The Need to Engage In this sudden and turbulent global health crisis, we must find a way to connect to our teams online.  We recognize the need to stay engaged. Engaged remote employees drive our success. CEOs, CTOs, and HR managers are racing to attract and keep remote talent.  We can’t afford high turnover or […]

May 3, 2020
Proven Solutions to Build Relationships in Virtual Teams

Proven Solutions to Build Relationships in Virtual Teams With more professionals today working remotely, employers are asking themselves the same question.  How can I help my remote team feel more like a team? The first key is the quality of the remote social engagement. In fact, a recent Gallup study illustrates that workers are highly […]

April 27, 2020
The Remote Culture Guide - Company Values

The Remote Culture Guide -Define your Company Values Embrace remote culture as your post-Covid strategy for growth. Today is your lucky day. You are safe at home, healthy and have an internet connection so that you can read this guide.  Times have been turbulent during the past few weeks. The economy paused and businesses reached […]

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