The Need to Engage

In this sudden and turbulent global health crisis, we must find a way to connect to our teams online.  We recognize the need to stay engaged. Engaged remote employees drive our success. CEOs, CTOs, and HR managers are racing to attract and keep remote talent.  We can’t afford high turnover or missing valuable hires, yet remote talent managers are failing to change their remote hiring, onboarding, and nurturing strategies … to their detriment.

I’m sure by now you are very familiar with the work-from-home experience.  Yes, it’s a learning experience for companies worldwide, but it’s essential. Engaged employees stay and deliver.

“Okay, I see your point,” you say. “But how do I create a remote work culture to attract, engage and keep remote talent?”  

We Can Help

At Remote IT World we help tech startups and scaleups to thrive in remote work environments and hire top developers worldwide. We want to equip you with actionable techniques to help you in managing the virtual employee experience. 


Let’s start by identifying your current company values with a few questions!

Do you agree with each of the following statements? 

  1. Engaged talent care equally for the company’s prosperity and their own well-being.

  2. Employees who have a sense of belonging are always committed to finding better solutions to known and unknown problems.

  3. Top specialists, who are constantly learning new things, cultivate creativity.

So … what do your responses tell you?

The more “Yes, I agree” answers, the higher the likelihood of your leadership success in a distributed team!  So keep that in mind as we look at ways on how to build a sense of belonging in each individual on your team!  Your mindset is going to be your superpower. 


3 Simple Steps to Remote Talent Management Success

Here we go, career managers!  We’ve adapted fundamental principles, best practices, and years of expertise into three simple accessible and easy-to-adopt steps.  Read on, take notes, and get ready to see a powerful change in your remote team culture!

Step #1

Build in autonomy in your job descriptions. Dedication is possible when the job allows for a high level of autonomy by design. Prevent any barriers that are limiting the smooth progress of work. Adopt ownership mindsets; it’ll be a game-changer in your leadership style too. 

Forget to micromanage. Define the “What” of a task and let your employees choose “How” to achieve it. Empower them to master their craft. Be sensitive with how you deal with failure as well as with success. Encourage your employees to learn something new every day.

Step #2

Create unique personalized career paths for both team leaders and individual contributors. 

Apply quarterly reviews and an instant feedback approach. Set team goals. Address any concerns as early as possible, praise publicly, align everything to the company strategy. Remember that second survey question?  Here it is again.  You want to ultimately empower your employees to reach top performance while becoming your brand ambassadors. 

Step #3

Design and implement a diversified perks and benefits package. Praise with care and reward them with something that truly sparks joy. The most popular perks for remote workers include hardware allowance, co-working space subscriptions, conference and live tournament tickets, hiking trips to a new destination, and consistent off-site adventures. Make sure you build strong relationships with every member of the team, and get to know their hobbies and lives outside of work. 

Follow these 3 simple steps, and I guarantee you will create a remote work culture to attract, engage and keep top global talent.  The result will be a community of motivated brand ambassadors!

Yours remotely, 


Founder at Remote IT World 

P.S. Struggling to implement or generate buy-in for these solutions?  We can help.  Schedule a free consultation call with us today!

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